Terms and Conditions

    While Cheap Taxi will try to transport you in accordance with the time and date of your specified booking, it does not guarantee it will be able to do so. Delays may happen for a range of reasons, including but not limited to traffic congestion, weather, high demand etc.

    Cheap Taxi excludes any financial liability (to the extent permitted by law) for any costs or expenses incurred by the customer as a result of failure to reach any destination or schedule on time. It is the customers responsibility when making a Taxi booking to allow adequate extra time for unforeseen delays.

    Customers are required to call Cheap Taxi within 5 minutes of their scheduled pick up time if their taxi has not arrived.

    Baggage must be small.

    Long distant bookings (more than 50kms) from destination; must be pre-paid by credit card (in advance).
    The cancellation Fee is 50% within 24 hours of booking.
    Cancellations less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable.

    Cheap Taxi reserves the right to;

    All claims against Cheap Taxi carry a maximum liability against Cheap Taxi of $200-00.

    Transfer bookings to another Taxi Company should it be unable to fulfill the customers taxi requirements and will only be liable for the difference in the fare charged by the substituted taxi company (receipt required) and any set price fare quoted by Cheap Taxi. Claims should be made in writing to
    Van Bookings, are booked on the condition that we cannot guarantee a van will be available for the scheduled booking time. (Due to circumstances beyond our control). We will be pleased to accept the booking and will endeavour to have a van available. However two cars could be substituted if a van is not available. The van booking is accepted on the terms that the customer agrees to pay any extra charges for this service.

    Complaints. All complaints re fair pricing or customer service should be made in writing to the Companies office.

    Serious Complaints, or complaints of a criminal nature, should be reported to the NZ Police.

    Cheap Taxi makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any material on this website.